Mommy & Me Sessions

Want to know something I recently started accepting? Myself. In photos. You read that right. I sometimes hated getting my photo taken because I felt I didn't look photo-worthy. If I didn't have makeup on or if my outfit didn't reflect my style or if I just wasn't in the mood for photos, I did not want to be in them. And I sometimes didn't even schedule family photos because I felt I wasn't going to look pretty. But now three years into my business, I am starting to practice what I preach. I want to be in photos, I ask to be in them, especially if it's with those I love. When I'm old and grey, I'm pretty sure my kids won't look at photos of us and think how I should have put my hair up, how I should have had makeup on, or how my smile was awkward, they will be happy knowing they have photos of all of us together that they can hold on to. So moms, don't wait until you feel 'photo ready', let me help you plan a session with just you and your babies before they aren't babies anymore. I promise you will treasure these forever.