Photography & Business Resources

Resources for beginner and amateaur photographers, and small business owners.

Weekly & Yearly Goal Planner Templates

These templates are perfect for starting your year off organized and with a plan!

Wedding Photography Shot List

This Wedding Photography Shot List will provide you with a great list of the most popular shots requested on a wedding day, helping you ensure you don't miss a thing!

Camera Settings Cheat Sheet

For those who are just starting out in their photography journey, remembering all the settings on your camera can take some time to memorize. Use my handy cheat sheet to help you adjust your settings when you're out practicing so you can shoot with confidence and save yourself time during the editing process!

Photography Business Checklist

So you just started your photography business, now what? Starting a business for the first time on your own can be scary and overwhelming. I created this guide to help provide you with some next steps so you can set yourself up for success.