Ulices Turns One

Ulices stopped by my studio with mom the other day for some one-year photos. We went with a 'Wild One' theme which was perfect because little man was definitely a wild one, and was on the move constantly! Mom was getting a workout trying to keep up with her super-mobile guy, but he was smiling and having fun throughout the session so I worked hard to capture his genuine smiles for mom and dad. I love these one-year sessions because babies at this age are not yet toddlers but not babies anymore, which means they can usually sit up by themselves and usually crawl around (or sometimes walk). They are curious, silly, smiley, and my goal during one-year sessions is to capture your little just how they are, so you always remember their smiles, their pouty face, or how they liked to play peek-a-boo.

My in-home studio is located in Wauwatosa, WI, and I have a growing collection of props, baskets, and chairs, as well as wardrobe options for sizes 5T and under. All you need to do is bring your babe and leave the rest to me ;)