From Playdates to Photoshoots

Right before leaving my full-time job to stay home with my kids and pursue my business full-time, I was nervous about the transition. I was nervous I would get lonely and not make friends once I left my job. Well, here's the story on how I met Stephanie and how we became friends. My son started half-day junior kindergarten right before I quit my job, and I met Stephanie and a few other moms at school pickup. Most days after school we would let our kiddos run around for a bit while we chatted, and as time went on I started looking forward to seeing the other parents. Not only did I get that adult interaction I craved, but I made some great friends in the process. Within weeks of getting to know each other, we were setting up playdates for our kids, and within a few months, we were planning our first 'moms day out', ha! Fast forward to today, we get together for play dates with the kids frequently, and recently I had the honor of capturing some family photos for Stephanie and her family. It's crazy how sometimes life works out better than you could have planned.