Madison & Ivan

Capturing this proposal was fun and also special for me. Not only was this my first proposal, but it was my brother who proposed to his girlfriend that night. I had never captured a proposal before, so I was nervous about how it would all go, and I remember saying to myself several times that day, "don't mess this up!". I wanted to make sure I captured every important shot of the night so that my brother and future sister-in-law would have great images of a very memorable night. My brother planned it all, clearly he is a romantic! He knew Madison wanted to visit the Van Gogh exhibit so he planned his proposal around that, and then him and I made plans for how I would make my way there, what signals we would give each other when it was time, etc. After walking around for a while, I was trying to find a time when the lighting was good (this huge room would go from light to dark depending on the art being displayed on the walls and ceiling, and with no flash being allowed, we had to time this right), and when it looked like I could get some good shots, I gave my brother a signal and then let him do his thing. It really was a special moment, and I was honored to have played a small part in it. I love love :)